Password Policy Terms and Conditions

Exchanged Products and Passwords

  • If Teladvance is unable to fully and completely operate your product without the use of passwords, then we reserve the right to reclassify your product's condition as "BROKEN", with a corresponding lower price, unless those passwords are provided to us in very clear, specific terms.

  • Examples of passwords include but are not limited to: BIOS passwords, logins to the operating system, administrator logins, personal identification number or PIN locks on any part of the system, biometric encryption, etc.

  • In the event that Teladvance extends a revised offer on the basis of password protection and customer declines said offer, Teladvance reserves the right to charge the customer for return shipment.

  • How to deactivate my Samsung Account?
    Remove Samsung Account

  • How to deactivate my Google Account?
    Remove Google Account

  • How to deactivate my Apple Account?

  • The customer fully understands that if the trade-in device is not yet paid off, any remaining liability on the trade-in device is the customer’s financial responsibility with their carrier.